Thursday, February 11, 2010

Smash Fascism

Today I smashed an Ian Stuart CD into bits on the sidewalk. Ian Stuart led the band Skrewdriver and was one of England's most virulent racists before his death in 1993. On this particular CD, Stuart's name (and that of his partner, Stigger) was emblazoned on a swastika. My co-worker and I debated what best to do with this hunk of weapons-grade bullshit. We weren't going to sell it at our store, we didn't want to give it away and even the garbage can seemed too forgiving. So I took it outside and executed it.

While direct censorship by governments can be dangerous, destruction of Nazi propaganda I've come into possession of is perfectly fair game. I can recall the sick feeling I got many years ago when my local record store chose to carry albums by Skrewdriver. That's not right. Racist, murderous ideologies must be resisted, not passively condoned.

And besides, seeing the shattered bits of aluminum shine in the mid-day lent a certain beauty to the whole episode.

The Soundtrack


  1. If you find a copy of "U.S.A. For M.O.D." feel free to do the same. Despite it's ripping riffs it shouldn't exist.


  2. Interesting first blog post and excellent play list!

  3. you're right(no pun intended),well done...

  4. CPB
    Yeah M.O.D./S.O.D. and pretty much everything related to Billy Millano was kinda gross (though I was never sure how serious he was)

    Glad you enjoyed the yakking and the tunes.


  5. I used to own a very hip indie record store. I fought bravely through the early punk years dealing with GG Allin, an occasional blood-spurting exploding penis on cover of a 45, Dead Kennedy's posters by HR Giger, and other gross and offensive imagery. When the Ism LP came out with the extreme close-up of the woman giving birth on the cover, I caved and put a brown wrapper over it -- mostly so I didn't have to look at it every single day myself.

    But the day I got a call from a white power distribution company trying to get me to carry Skrewdriver and other similar bands gave me one of the sickest feelings I've ever had. My first conversation with a card-carrying Nazi was as short as I could make it, but the sick feeling lingers 15 years later.

    Just wanted to add my "Well done!"

    I first heard reggae rapper Shinehead say it and I agree "Freedom of speech is freedom to teach" and there's no reason to put up with racist entertainment.

  6. hello, sir! Any chance you still have that
    Redd Kross Black Shampoo Show World demo cd? God I've gone crazy looking for that...don