Sunday, February 21, 2010

Your Stories II

TLRS loves your stories about music retail (from either side of the counter) and would like to post them. Please leave a comment and we'll put them up, either in batches or (in this case) as stand alone pieces.

As I write this, the next to last remaining independent record store in Dayton, OH will be closing down within the week. When the news hit, so many music lovers went into shock. Like so many other dying institutions, everyone flocked to the store for one last time of remembrance. But I knew it was coming.

While growing up, the first place I hit after cashing my paycheck was the record store. That custom continued well past the cd switch. But within the last 5 years, the releases I wanted became more difficult to obtain. It became frustrating to go into a local record store only to walk out empty handed because the album I truly wanted had to be special ordered. I hate to admit this, but when the digital download options came into play, I played that option out because it was more convenient.

I still miss those old days of walking into a well-stocked record shop & losing myself. But that was another problem. The inventory in some of our local shops became so scarce that it wasn’t even fun to browse anymore. All you could find was the same popular music found in most major department stores. There used to be so many record collector shows in this region, but those likewise ceased operations about 7 years ago.

Like I indicated previously, I knew the digital download options would kill the independents. I was stubborn & tried to buy everything I could from our local shops. When I finally bought my first download via Amazon, I knew that was it. I found some remixes that I’d been trying to find via special orders, but to no avail. But there they were staring at me from the computer screen. I could have them with the click of a button. I went for it.

We still have one remaining independent record store left in this small town. Trouble is, they don’t sell the music I love. But I hope they stay in business for a long, long time.


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